Sunday 17 July 2016

Celebrate #19

Yet again better late than never so I'm joining in with Lexa Cain and the crew over at

This week there were some wonderful things to celebrate such as -

1 - Surprise visit from our DD back for her birthday - stayed a couple of nights so we could actually go out and celebrate in style it TGI Fridays - it's been so long since we went there.  This used to be where we went for special treats when the children were young.  I like it because it does cocktails - so not designated driver on this trip out!!!

photo - TGI Fridays

2 - Found two replacement buttons for my husband's suit (sifting through a charity shop tin full!) - this is so much harder than it sounds - so many almost but not quite right ones found that you have to put to one side not to keep picking them up time and time again!!!!  Suit now back in action and much money saved not having to buy a new one :)

3 - LOADS of DIY done this week - I have worked like a trooper on our old house as tenants have moved out along with all furniture and boy does it make your house look kind of scratty - you see every blemish - so lots of scrubbing clean and painting has taken place with holes filled in walls, lining paper replaced where necessary, gluing and hammering all over the place.  So much better now and new prospective tenants looking round this week.

4 - Have managed to keep to my daily word goal for my
project throughout this week without resorting to research notes as fillers which I am really pleased with having been away so much.

5 - this week I posted my 100th blog post of the year - yipee I am certainly on target to surpass 2015 and 2014 on my blog post yearly totals!!

Now to go see what everyone else has been up to :)


  1. Sounds like you have been very busy! Glad your daughter came home for her birthday!! Have a great week

  2. You did a lot and earned that pretty cocktail. Cheers to another great week