Sunday, 10 July 2016

New Era ?

A lovely surprise as our DD announced she would be coming to see us on her birthday.  A quick dash to M&S (luckily they stay open to 5 p.m. on a Sunday) for the cake and candles but as you can see in this photo -
those candles proclaim that now we have to say that we have two children both in their twenties!!! This ushers in a new era for us and to be honest made us feel really quite OLD!!!

Anyway to brighten the situation I had previously bought a sparkler candle which as you can see in this photo -
shot into life and this assured us, as it almost set the room alight, that we might be old but we certainly haven't got any wiser!  "Thank goodness you didn't make me stand behind the cake for the photo," was what our beloved DD had to say about the situation :)

Did you get any sudden bursts of excitement in your life this weekend?  Has anything happened recently that made you feel - how have I got to THIS age?? Are you expecting a visit from family members soon? You know I'd love to know :)