Friday, 29 July 2016

Celebrate #20

I've got that Friday feeling so I'm joining in with the gang led by Lexa Cain over at

This week I am celebrating -

Friends Meet Up - a small group of our friends from university try to meet up once a year with our families and catch up on what's been happening in our lives.  Last year, everyone came to us rather than booking a holiday home in Wales (which is what we normally do) and it was very successful so we did the same again this year.
It was lovely to see those that could make it particularly some of the adult children who came along - one of our brood even got married this year!!  How's that for making you feel old???  I also got to try out Pokemon Go with one of the younger ones
- so a lot of fun was had and we were blessed with wonderful weather so we could sit out beneath the stars to eat and drink into the wee small hours :)

Ordering Extra Nordic Poles -yes my project has been so successful in getting more people wanting to try Nordic walking that I realised that next week I will have more people than poles of a certain size so have put through a rush order.
I still need to attract more people from a specific area but as word is getting out others from further afield are willing to travel in to have a go and I don't want to put anyone off.  I attended a meeting this week where I could give some feedback and I have three upcoming new Nordic projects for September so they will come in very useful I'm sure.

New Tenants - our old house which we were unable to sell has had to be rented out and because we initially thought we'd be trying to sell in six months had a low rent put on it (most renters want a longer time scale). However, with one thing and another our tenant has finally moved out 18 months later (end of June) and going back to find that our agents had not made a note of any damage done to the property or had informed us of the state of the bathroom I have been spending a lot of days deep cleaning, and repairing and painting during July. The housing market is still not good so we decided to put up the rent and see if anyone wanted a year and they do and so a new family will be moving in on the 1st of August who seem very nice and now that I've learnt so much about renting out the house hopefully this time it will go a little better and I won't have so much to do at the end of the next rental year!

Lastly -
I did it!!
30, 014 words meant my goal of 30,000 was achieved!  As I've said in previous posts about doing this camp, I've learned so much about trying to write an actual book and honestly I don't now how you writers do it??  I've really accomplished writing 30,000 words down that have shown some semblance towards a common theme but is nowhere near an actual story someone could pick up and read - it's all over the place.  I am now toying with the idea that I could use what I have written and the intervening months before November to do the research and think of how it will all fit together to then be in with a shout for entering for the real NaNoWriMo in November but I don't know whether this is allowed or does it all have to be a new writing project?  If anyone knows I'd love you to leave a comment about it :)

Now I'm off to read what others have written.  Here's to everyone having a lovely and restful weekend :)


  1. Your family get together sounds like a lot of fun! Big yay for completing your NaNo challenge! I've had the opportunity to buy flats to rent but I'm always afraid of what renters could do to the place. I hope your new renters take care better than the last ones. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Very busy week I rented out a townhome for quite awhile and being a landlord was annoying. I understand the frustration. Good luck. However all of your other news was great.

  3. Congrats on Nano!Glad you found renters and here's hoping it works smoothly for a very long time.

  4. Nordic walking? Haven't heard of that, but it sounds like fun. Glad you found some renters. Hope they treat the property well. And 30 K words? That's a great accomplishment. I've never tried that type of contest/exercise before. I'm afraid I spew out a bunch of unusable junk.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your get together with your friends. Sounds like a fun tradition. Congrats on your Nordic walking project being so successful! And congrats on winning NaNo!! That's huge!

  6. Congratulations on your NaNo win! And I'm glad your Nordic Walking Group is going well. :-)