Wednesday 13 July 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #20

That was the week that was!  

Surprise visits led to eating out, party cake, more bad food and simply put I don't actually want to get on those scales and neither do I want to share a food diary this week.  I know I am back over that stone marker and all that I can do now is to draw a line under last week and move forward and work on eating more salads and cutting out the sugar and fat!

I hope everyone else who is trying to lose weight out there has had a much better week than I but then again I have only myself to blame and I am the one who can turn it around - so here's to me doing just that!!

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  1. Forge forward, with the line dropping. I admire you.

  2. Hey. As long as you are aware and a bad week doesn't turn into a year. Special celebrations happen and it is okay to enjoy them. Keep up your goodwork

  3. I have been terrible this week with cupcakes and frosting and not one, but two bags of Kettle PopCorners chips. I need an intervention, stat.