Sunday, 3 July 2016

Postcard from Camp NANOWRIMO

Hello Mother, Hello Father O,
Here I am at Camp NANOWRIMO!
(Doesn't exactly scan but you get the drift, don't you?)

All this happened due to me dropping by Kate Larkindale's blog, Fiction and Film, whilst on my Celebrate Friday blog hop, and seeing her Camp NANOWRIMO side bar button.  I then discovered Camp began that day and is really a place of preparation (kick up the backside!) for those writers who want to start getting ready for the big NANOWRIMO that takes place in November.  Well I think that's what it is - it's all very new to me and as I have not participated in it ever before either in November or these April and July camps so I might be wrong - but that's what I'm using it as!!

Now I am not classing myself as a writer, never having had anything published, but I do want to take part in more cerebral activities and knowing a lot more writers now - want to experience a little more of the writing process which absolutely terrifies as well as amazes me!  So I signed up over the weekend, filled in my bio and a brief description of my novel and have already been put in a cabin and so have started my writing adventure.  My 1,214 words so far is a small step along the path to 50,000 but it is a step and so far I have really enjoyed the writing experience.  Let's see where it will take me?  Although I've signed up for the Camp I haven't signed into the main page because I thought that was only for November but should I be doing that too if I want to be getting badges and official participant sidebar buttons? If anyone out there has done this before and can let me know what I should be doing rather than me just fumbling about please feel free to drop me a comment below :)  

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