Tuesday 5 July 2016

Update from Camp

I have been truly amazed at what Camp NaNoWriMo has unlocked in me!

I don't plan anything I write - I just let it flow but in doing so for this project and becoming more focused on the amount of words I am trying for each day (over 1000) I am making jottings and writing bits all over the story and sort of weaving it together like that.  I also like the fact that I am thinking about it as I get on with other things and sorting some of the problems I am encountering in my story without too much angst.  Of course I realise it's going to get much harder to maintain my word production as I run out of the easier parts to write and have to really think more about the plot?? What plot??  But so far I am enjoying writing and having produced just over 3600 words in the last three days and have exceeded my own expectations which is rather nice.

As I said in my last post I have no true idea about what I should actually be doing on this camp - should I be communicating with others in my cabin?  Should I be attending "seminars" about writing plots?  Should I be thinking ahead and planning things in detail rather than trying to write actual chapters (or parts of chapters which is what I am doing)?  In reality if I was truly thinking that I would like to see this as an actual book one day then maybe I would be trying to follow a proper tried and tested process but as I am really experimenting with whether I can come up with a half decent story and write it down then I'm probably doing OK.  I think whatever I do now will be good for if I want to take part in the real event in November and who knows where this writing journey will take me but certainly at the moment I'm having lots of fun.  So for anyone out there who wants to have a go at writing, write a little bit more than they normally would or really push the boat out and publish a brand new novel this year then joining in on the camp might be a really good idea for you too!  So why not give it a go??

If you wrote a book what genre would it be - horror, sci-fi, crime, thriller, romance etc?  What would be the name of your leading character? Where would it be set?


  1. These are not things I have ever thought about. If I plan to write a book it will be autobiographical so the main characters name will be Paula. :)

  2. I think I'd like to read that book, Paula :) When will it be available???

  3. Good for you and your writing. The key is having fun. The few NANO novels I attempted I got tired of my characters. That is not good as an author- ha

    1. Thanks Joanne, as a published author of poetry you have been someone who has been an inspiration through your blog and especially your A-Z Challenge posts :)