Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dance your Troubles Away

I had to upload this video for others to see all over the world.  I am really proud of teaching here in the West Midlands.  I think the smiles say it all - isn't it wonderful how music and dance transcend all cultures and bring us all together?  That's why I think the arts are so important for children with special needs and yet so many interventions have to take place during these lessons - that's because the teaching assistants are needed in the classroom for helping with maths and literacy in the mornings.

Tell me what you think?  How can extra support be given without taking away the other important lessons?


  1. That is FanTasTic! There's so much great music from Birmingham. Thank you so much for sharing :) - it's sending me off to bed with a huge smile on my face :)
    There has to be a way of getting more arts into the classroom .... and it'll come soon.

    1. Thought you'd appreciate this post! It was on our local news last night and I just thought it was awesome.