Thursday 8 May 2014

Road Trip to the Wild and Wacky

Well as promised (on a day when nothing really to report in the special education needs calendar) here are 5 blogs visited as part of my A to Z Road Trip. - thought I’d show a little solidarity with my own country and check out the English countryside.  Looks like it was written solely for the A – Z Challenge and you have to do the thing of putting your e-mail etc etc before being allowed to post a comment so rather irksome.  Interesting for my geography teaching head on but unless something else is going to be posted will not be hitching that way again. - wondered what retirement might mean to some so zipped over and found a comfy blog written about crafts, grandkids, food and gardening amongst other things – lots of lovely photos on a huge range of subjects and a blog that’s been going on for a good few years having recently celebrated her 700th post.  Links to various other weekly posts so might be tempted to try a few of these myself if my blog begins to flag.  All in all will be heading back to become a follower and leave comments. - the blog was written about Belgium and the Netherlands for the challenge but the main aspect is a funny blog with lots of stories about the writer and hubby and their escapades in the USA.  Another blog that has been going for some time and I will probably be stopping by once in a while to have a giggle. - I came across this blog following back a comment left on Somberscribbler and feel I have certainly been missing this blog in my life – eccentric certainly and just a little wacky – perfect English gentleman if you ask me!  The A to Z postings were an amazing poem but it appears another A to Z for May has now been undertaken so I will be following.  I also realised that this was the Rob Z Tobor (who had been mentioned by the AtoZ Challenge crew) who had visited nearly every blog during the challenge – where does he get his energy from? - this blog came courtesy of the blog before being mentioned in Rob’s reflections post as the most funniest post throughout the challenge and I certainly have to agree it was very inventive and well done as were other posts on this blog during the challenge.  Flip the artist modestly says it is all down to him being a graphic artist but I think there’s more to it than that!

Not a bad haul really for the first day of driving through those other blogs – just around
 1, 900 more to go of the ones I missed first time round I think!!

Are any of these on your list of blogs you follow – any suggestions about where I should head next?  Hoping you’ll let me know your thoughts and feelings.


  1. Thanks for these suggestions .... I'm not sure I'll have the stamina to do this every day, but for today anyway, I've been following links from other people's blogs and found some gems on storytelling ... I'll do a catch up post over the weekend. One to check out, if I can find it again, hold on a second lol .... OK,
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

    1. Oh yes, this blog looks really good - although I feel a bit of a "snooper" reading other people's letters!!

  2. Hello it is very kind of you to be so nice about me and my blog although I would not say I was the perfect English gentleman as I am far to shambolic and disheveled and have a memory similar to a goldfish which means I can walk round the house and think WHAT? several times in a row.

    This is useful at work as I always look like I'm off to do things which I am, only I can't remember what it is, but I have learnt to have important looking papers in hand and a pen and some tools. So far this system has worked for over ten years and I am OK until someone says WHAT DO YOU DO.

    As for visiting all the blogs on the A to Z I did manage that but it was hard I will not do it again..... but I felt last year there were a lot a dodgy links at the end and rather than just complain I should become active this year to help, which I did..

    Thanks once again for the kind words I will do a follow because I am sort of a nice chap, and good luck with the blog . . . I do find a small hint of madness works wonders.

    1. Oooooo yes the Mr Flip is very cool

    2. Thank you - I feel really honoured to have such a long comment and for you to sign up to follow. I reckon I'll be fine as I certainly have more than a slight hint of madness! Working in education tends to do that for you.