Saturday 17 May 2014

Dinosaurs and Pirates

Working in special needs education, I have to try to capture the children's interest to hook them into the learning that they find difficult on a daily basis.  Dinosaurs and pirates are two topics that I know most children (but particularly boys) like and as the ratio is normally 3:1 boys to girls in my small group work then these are the two themes I have been working predominantly on over the past few months.

I mention this because I have just signed up to another website that allows teachers to sell their products online and therefore have a new store located at:

I am offering my dinosaur literacy packet comprising of a cvc phonics emergent reading book plus lots of other activities (34 pages in total) at a price of $2.50.  (I did want to sell it at $2 but for some reason the website has adjusted the price upwards).  One of the reasons for joining this site is I currently earn less than half of what I sell for so although it is always a true delight to see that I've sold a product I know that I will be receiving only pennies for it.  This new website offers earnings of 70% so I will see how it goes - it is a very new start up in comparison to TpT - so anything could happen.  I am also displaying their banner to promote the store and to possibly earn myself 5% of sales when anyone clicks the link and then purchases through it - let's face it every little helps in today's economy.

The current book I am writing and illustrating for my little literacy group at the moment is all about pirates (whilst we learn to read and write our colour words) and I hope to be featuring this in an upcoming post sometime next week when it is finally finished.  I am working with the children to write new chapters based on their input and ideas - a collaborative piece that is working really well.  I do like it when children can use their imaginations and see their creations come to life so to speak.  I am also so grateful to the creative brilliance of Laura Strickland at
who allows her art to be used by teachers such as myself for our products free of charge.  She says it is her way of giving back to education and I can only say the children I share her clipart with certainly gain from having her artworks in their life.

Do you know of any other artists who share their creativity for free to help educate children?  Would you like to give me some feedback on my products if you are another teacher out there?  What have you found to be interesting topics that hook children into learning?  Let me know your thoughts :)


  1. A bit confused by what products teachers have to sell? Aren't the items you use products of the schools or the areas where you teach? Sports are a really good motivated for boys also. I know my Daughter has had wonderful luck with reaching her students through sports...getting them to read is less painful.
    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

    Road tripping as I continue to blog a-z in May

  2. Hi Sandy - nice to meet you again through the road trip. If teachers find that the previously tried methods and/or resources don't work for certain children then new methods and new resources need to be found and tried. I also think that finding planning and resources that fit the level and interests of the children I teach can be very difficult so many teachers including myself adapt or create new resources certainly on a weekly basis in my case! I like your idea of incorporating sports as a motivator although I think it is a sad reflection that many of the children I teach only seem to play sports on the computer or games console !!