Saturday 10 May 2014

Road Trip: Along the Cliff Tops and Through the Tunnels

This is my second post for the A to Z Challenge Road Trip and I know I said I’d choose five blogs to comment on but the organisers say you can choose to bend or negate any rules so today’s lucky number is six.
I am not just visiting those on the Road Trip list but any that are recommended or that I find through comments left on other sites just to keep you in the loop if you’re interested. - I found this to be a highly detailed blog – similar to my own as the posts contained many different words connected to the letter of the day and her chosen subject the coasts of Britain – so they certainly weren’t short posts either just like mine.  A very good round up of her posts with final comments and answers to questions posed showed what an amazing breadth the blog had covered during the challenge.  It’s like having a very learned friend.  - the A to Z Challenge focused on things she would like to see and do in France and it was an interesting cultural experience – the odd French phrase thrown in for good measure.  A pleasant soujourn through a country I like and have visited so had plenty of appeal with lovely photographs. - this blog written by an artist was an amazing eclectic mix of art, paganism, art critique and history, healing, women’s rights etc the list is endless.  A little bit too much for my senses at time but very interesting and certainly if I had more time would keep re-visiting. - rather a different type of blog because it is all to do with solving puzzles – so be prepared to spend ages!!!  The A to Z Challenge was completed successfully but there doesn’t appear to be any activity since although the blog has certainly been going for some time so assume it will continue again soon.  Will give me some time to catch up with those pesky puzzles, maybe!! - came across this site following a comment left on  - they are a tribe of bloggers which makes for interesting blogging and a wide range of genre and experience.  They also took part in the NaMoWriMo which I had seen popping up in mentions on other sites – finally found out what it was all about – writing a poem for every day during April!!  Bit of a task I’d imagine.  The poems on this site were not short and had been obviously crafted well so made thoughtful reading.  I will certainly be keeping them on my blog roll.

My last submission for today was recommended by my good friend Fil the very talented musician over at is an amazing collection of letters written from the writer’s grandfather to grandmother during the period 1907-1912.  I will be recommending this blog to genealogist Ros over at   The accompanying family photographs as well as postcards and other memorabilia of an up and coming black family in the United States make this a fascinating read.  It certainly appealed to my “teacher” side.

If you have any other blogs to recommend for me to visit on my winding road trip please don't hesitate to signpost them below.  Many thanks.


  1. Hi - many thanks for your complementary look at my blog .. good to meet you and glad you enjoyed yourself during the A- Z ..

    Good luck with the teaching and Spring and Summer - cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you - I feel you might be the person to turn too when I get asked those rather "out of this world" questions young children often pose as your blog possesses sage like qualities!