Saturday, 10 May 2014

Trying Technology Out

I am going out of my comfort zone and trying some things out on my blog - trying to become more "savvy" in the blogosphere I suppose.  Please be patient with me as I often find nothing ever works first time when it comes to technology and me.

Trying to learn how to make a hyper-linked signature - here goes following the instructions as taken from A to Z comments

 <a href="Your Website">What you want to be visible</a>

So, I would write (make sure you include the http:// !):
<a href="">wizzardSS</a>

<a href="”>Pempis Palace</a>

OK that didn't seem to work I can still see everything

No I've now trawled the net and can't find where I've gone wrong - I think I have all the right punctuation markers etc in the right place so why do I see everything and not just Pempis Palace - if anyone can help I'd be most grateful.

Am trying Fil's suggestion to leave out the speech marks

<a href=>Pempis Palace</a>

Well it still looks like it's not working to me but will try to leave a comment on a blog and see if it works there

Yipee it does - thanks so much Fil - you are a wizz with technology!!!


  1. Good morning!
    This was annoying me for weeks ... it was working and then suddenly stopped … I finally discovered that if you leave out the inverted commas, then it'll work. I hope this helps. Fil x

  2. Thanks for suggesting - I've tried it on the blog but it still looks like nothing's happened on my blog page but maybe I could try leaving a comment and seeing if it works on your blog instead?

    1. Yay! I've just come to you via the link you left …. we'll crack this thing yet lol ... I'm no whizz, it was a happy accident :)

    2. Fil, you are far too modest!

  3. I think you can link to mine, I easily link to yours via your comment. Good work! Plus you are also on my blog list.

    1. Thank you for letting me know - it's great that it works so I'll be able to use this in future.

  4. Glad you figured it out. You can test it the next time you comment on my blog, if you want.


  5. Thanks, Yvonne. Will do just that :)