Sunday, 4 May 2014

May Day May Day

May always seems to be such a busy month - despite two bank holidays - everything else is at break neck speed as we head towards half-term.  Maybe it's SATs that stresses us all out or just that you realise that all the things you wanted the children to have covered this year won't be done in the time remaining.  Sports days, school trips, summer concerts etc etc all seem to be scheduled for the end of the year so the timetables are all over the place and even more teaching time is lost!!

To be honest, many of the children I work with do not like this term because it isn't normal - they prefer routine - they want to be doing lessons with the teachers they know rather than swapping and changing all over the place to accommodate all the other things that need to be done.  But at the same time, it is often then that these children, in doing these other things, can be on a level footing with many of their peers.  How many times on school trips have I seen those children blossom, under the hands on guidance from one of the museum assistants, zoo keepers, castle guides etc, who have no preconceived ideas about them?  Just because you can't read or write as well as your friends doesn't mean you can't beat them in the egg and spoon race or maybe land a solo part as a singer in the concert.

Tomorrow I will be helping out (on my day off ) at the local May Fair in order to raise funds for my school - I will no doubt see many of the children there including former pupils.  Fingers crossed it will be a sunny day.

And before I sign off, a shout out for the 2 day TpT sale that starts on Tuesday with 20% off all products in my store as well as others

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