Monday 5 May 2014

Reflections on A to Z Challenge

My thoughts on my first challenge was that it was so inspiring.  
  1. It inspired to me to write daily.  
  2. It inspired me to have the courage to put some of my "views" out there in the open.
  3. It inspired me to leave my comfort zone and go and visit new blogs I would never normally have dared venture towards
  4. It inspired me with lots of new ideas and stories I found out there written by some very talented people.
  5. It inspired me to get better at learning about technical issues and asking for help.
I really do want to say a big thank you to the organisers for creating all of this.  I have loved it.  I have been energised by it.  I made sure I replied to every comment I received and I shall miss it but I will also be really looking forward to next year.

I tried to visit five new blogs everyday but have to confess I did find this difficult (due to time constraints) and also sometimes found it very hard to leave a comment or to follow someone - it was normally easier if wordpress or blogger as I am a member of both - didn't want to fill in all the details "google" wanted.

I did find favourites which I returned to regularly and some I even began to think of as my "friends" out in cyberspace.

I particularly liked:
Fil's Place - her love of folk and Irish music history and the many song snippets she posted gave me tranquil moments in my frenzied blogging activity

Drew Llew - his amazing stories made me guffaw out loud so many times

Glenda was really great at commenting on my blog and giving me a thumbs up on my viewpoint and telling it how it is on the US education front and I enjoyed seeing a high school perspective in her blog

2 Smart Wenches was another teaching blog from the U.S. who gave me much needed support

Ros through her genealogy blog gave me loads of new information and made me really want to research my family roots when I have some time to devote to this hobby

The wonderfully named Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax and Cabbages and Kings gave me visual daily delights with her wonderful pictures and commentary on the art of Degas

and lastly but by no means least (although I was too much in awe to leave a comment)
Not a Punk Rocker - gave me a "no holds barred, gutsy - zany, poignant, edgy" hit on life in her rather difficult world on a daily basis

Thank you to everyone who became a follower or left a comment it made everything worthwhile.  I'd love to stay in touch so don't be a stranger!


  1. Thank you so much for the honourable mention :) Chuffed to bits x

  2. Well you so deserve it & I felt the same being mentioned in your reflection. It is so wonderful to be able to link up around the world and find others that ignite and inspire, don't you think?

  3. said it. I would never have ventured out to find new blogs and leave comments. I guess am too lazy. Now ,after A-Z ..i hope to be more active! :P

  4. Yes I think we need to keep our levels of activity on other people's blogs as it is always nice to receive a comment and communicate with others.

  5. Congratulations on completing the challenge. I've only 'met' you recently through the Road Trip and your visit to my blog but I'll be going back to read your previous posts.

    I like that picture that you posted. We have the exact same quote up on the wall at work although I think I like your version with the little fish on it better than our version.

    1. Thank you and isn't it great to be continuing the journey with the Road Trip? There are so many wonderful blogs out there with so much to offer and I barely scratched the surface on the A to Z Challenge so here's to discovering more.