Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Driving Me Crazy

School is in full swing after the Easter holiday and already it feels as if we've been back for weeks and we even had a Bank Holiday on Monday (the school stall at the May Fayre was a roaring success by the way - we broke last year's record with the money raised - yipee!!)  So of course what should I decide to do but join up for the road trip - the button is on the side if you want to get involved too.

My aim will be to visit 5 different blogs a day and report my findings on whether they appealed to me or not. I am hoping to make contact with other teachers out there but actually I think some of the blogs I enjoyed the most were not about teaching - it's good to get other things into my life really - so it will end up being a bit of a hotchpotch with no particular rhyme nor reason.

My gripe of the day has to be that I was told by the authority's SEN team that if a child has made progress then really funding for that child is at risk as they no longer need the help.  Surely, if the child didn't make progress that would be when we should question whether added support is cost effective - if it is benefiting the child keep it going is what I say - sometimes I do feel as if I've fallen down the rabbit hole when it comes to talking to officials about special needs in education.

As always I'd love to have some feedback on your take on the situation.  If a child is making progress should that additional support be continued or withdrawn?  Should additional financing be given to schools if no progress is being made or should other schooling be looked at and be made available through the authority?

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