Monday, 6 October 2014

50 TpT Followers Freebie

I know I've said it before but it does bring a warm glow when someone chooses to follow you.  It means they value what you do and they want to see more of you in the future so that is why I have decided to create and distribute another freebie to celebrate gaining 50 followers on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.  As it is pumpkin clip art it also ties in with the clip art Halloween celebration going on over at Graphics From the Pond that I blogged about yesterday.

However, you also know how technology thwarts me at every turn if it can - even though I try my very best to embrace it in my work and today was no different as when I tried to upload a thumbnail image on to the TpT website it came back with the comment that the file was too large - say what???

How could I change my file size I asked myself and tried various saving picture from a word document, then to paint and back again, powerpoint and nothing worked it remained as 220k and not the 200k or less I needed to upload successfully.  I then googled the question which came up with I needed my snipping tool - where the heck is that I asked next!?!  It seemed to suggest I would find it if I put a search in on my start button - alright let's do that - O.K. now what's happened???  I seem to have been flung out into cyberspace on a loop back to where I began!!  OK after trying again without pressing return my computer sat there ...   ...   ... but finally came back with a snipping tool in a little move-able box which I shifted rapidly to the top left of my screen.  Now I realised I was dealing with something similar to my Smartboard phototool so took a snip of the picture and turned it into a PNG file and tried uploading and still too big - looked at the file and saw that it now weighed in at 310k!!! I was heading to melt down at this point when after reading another helpful post I changed the size of my picture in my word document so that it was really little and took another snip of it - this time it worked- yippee which is why I can offer you this Pumpkin Porch clip art freebie whilst I still have some hair left on my head!!

Let me know what you think and if anyone else is struggling with making their picture files smaller I hope this helped!

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