Sunday, 5 October 2014

Pumpkin Patch

I love clip art and the artists who create it - particularly those that will share their talents freely so when I heard that Graphics from the Pond was holding an October celebration of clip art I knew I would like to grab me some freebies.  You can too by clicking on the button below.

I also thought that the old adage share and share alike rang true so I have decided to create and share some original clip art as well.  I know when working with children that they like variety and are not too critical of someone's drawing skills so I hope that holds true for the rest of you!!

Click to go to my TpT store to pick up your free clipart.  I'd love some feedback as I am really nervous it might not work correctly.  Please remember this is the first time I have tried posting clipart as a product on TpT and I might have done things wrong :(

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