Monday, 20 October 2014

Sunday Scoop (on Monday!!)

I am already so behind on this week I don't think I am going to catch up and the thought of managing 20 posts this month (when I got off to such a good start!!) is just on of those delirious dreams but I'm joining in with The Teaching Trio's
even if it is Monday!

As my husband is one of those that it's incredibly hard to buy things for, when I do see something I know he might like I just get it there and then which means it has to be hidden away really secretively until his birthday.  Of course by the time it is his birthday I have either forgotten where I hid it or even that I did buy it and hide it so I need to go on a hunt or he'll end up with only the Terry Pratchett books I bought last week for him!!

No. 1 son left for final year at Uni a couple of weeks ago but obviously forgot several items which is why I had to go into his room to have a look for them this weekend and discovered much to my horror a suitcase of clothes that look (and smell) like they need a wash - honestly - so much intelligence so little thought!!!

And I must, must, must get this Art Challenge present wrapped up and sent off to Fil over at as I finished it off last month and still haven't made it to the post office.  If you want to join in too or find out more click on the button below.

My happy to do is to get to be with my husband on his actual birthday - as he works and lives away during the week this is normally an impossibility but as no children will be at home on the day, I am going to drive over to him on the night and come back early in the morning so hopefully that will be a lovely evening spent together celebrating at a nice restaurant somewhere (if I can find his presents!!)


  1. I don't think that men grow out of that laundry thing. I can't count the number of times I've asked my husband if all his washing is in the bag, only for him to come through ten minutes later looking sheepish, pair of dirty socks in hand.

    Hope your husband has a good birthday. Good call on the Terry Pratchett books and hope his other gifts show up soon. :-)

  2. oooh I'm all excited now :) I"m nearly finished with mine too ... spent so much time this summer dithering over what to make - but all's on course for something arriving before the end of the year - I promise.

    I hope your hubby has a great birthday - men are so hard to buy for.

    Can't wait for the postman :)
    Fil x

  3. Hello there.
    Just stopping by to congratulate you on completing the A-Z Challenge! Visiting from the Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess