Thursday, 2 October 2014

Throwback Thursday 100 Books

I am once more linking up with The Teacher's Desk 6

to share a post from last month where I set up a Read 100 Books challenge.  I have already realised the enormity of the task and have stated that reading children's books can count as well - but the challenge is to give oneself permission to read and often I find it really difficult to make that time for me.

I used to love reading as a child - you could always find me snuggled up somewhere with a book if the weather was cold or up in a tree or in a deck lounger if the weather was warm - I would go twice a week to the library and when I was old enough I volunteered during my summer holidays there just to have more access time to the vast variety of books.  It was also at this time that my librarian gave me a set of bookmarks with lists of books on - each had a different genre - which I endeavoured to get through - these really expanded my knowledge of authors and life in general and promoted my reading of classics - I read Tolstoy and learnt about suffering, I fell in love with Zola and learnt about passion, I read Dickens and learnt about character and a whole lot more.  At school and even now many people comment on my large general knowledge and this is due to the amount of books I read in my early formative years as well as the amazing Look and Learn magazines from the 1960s passed down to me by my uncle (did anyone else get their hands on these?)

However, if you do want to join in the challenge then just hit the button below to go to my Throwback post that will tell you all about it - and happy reading :-)

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