Monday, 9 May 2016

A-Z Reflections 2016

What can I say?  

I made it - but I really felt it this time.
So, so, so tired!!!

Was that because I was a helper - one of Stormy's Sidekicks?
No - I had great fun doing this and Heather was a great leader

Did I feel I just didn't have enough time to really connect with other NEW blogs because I was trying to keep up with old friends from LAST TIME?
Hmm - think I would have felt bad if I hadn't especially those I'd pleaded with to enter again this year!

Did I think it was much better this time for "dead-heading" those who weren't posting?
Yes - Yes and a resounding Yes!!  Far fewer to wade through and discard than last year by the half way marker.

Could I have done more to keep other bloggers interested?
This year I didn't find time to post replies to comments I received and I felt bad about this.  
I think my theme worked out alright though and made people connect to tell their own memories.

What would make it even better?
I really liked the concept of having a subsection for those bloggers with less than 100 followers and I would really like this to be re-instated next year.
Last year, I moaned about blogs not taking part and needing to be cut and decided to be a helper to try to do my bit so next year maybe I should bring up this issue and volunteer to be on that team?

What did I enjoy best?
Reading those amazing blog posts that just got you there right in your gut.
Feeling good about being a helper :)

What was my main gripe?
Even when I put my Blogger website - some Wordpress users still managed to go to my old Wordpress account - heaven knows what they thought the connection of my old posts was there to the A-Z Challenge????

I did come across some amazing new blogs as well as keeping up with some amazing bloggers from before who brought their "A" game yet again to the Challenge but I think I will be commenting about them in later posts and of course I am looking forward to going BIG this year on the A-Z Challenge Roadtrip so hope to see many others along the way :)


  1. I did not know about the site for less than 100 followers. Otherwise you are spot on!

    1. Thank you, Paula and as ever it was a delight to follow your Challenge posts :)

  2. I joined the site for less than 100 followers in my first year, I think I still have way less than 100 followers but I think it's more about the interaction with other blogs and commenting... having said that I would make a bigger effort to visit that list!

    Thanks for my visits, I realised that you not commenting on your own posts was probably due to you having to do so much work behind the scenes.

    I did miss you being on your own blog during the challenge as given your theme I think there was a lot of opportunity for a chat, but that's me being a bit selfish and wanting to see you more at "home" lol!

    Thanks for the visits, I know it was tricky for you to get round - I'd love to hear about your experiences as a helper and what that involves if you ever decided to write about it :)

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

    1. Thank you, Mars and I take your point about "chatting" I certainly think next year I HAVE to make time for that!

  3. Well done on finishing the A to Z again - it sounds like you got really involved on all levels.
    I did pop in a couple of times, but life got in the way this year - it's hard to get the blogging mojo back again after a break.
    Again well done and I'll keep an eye out for your road trip posts.

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Fil and I know how very busy you were over there in Australia - looking forward to catching up :)

  4. I enjoyed your theme this year. Good reflections and valid points. I'd say you did your part to make it a fun April. Good job!!

    1. Cheers, Joanne - I'm glad I could contribute to the fun - I so loved your blog posts for the Challenge :)

  5. I wish there had been a way to alter our original listing as I changed blogs just I started the round, so got few visitors. Oh well - I did enjoy it, had fun creating and aim to visit as many blogs as possible this month. Enjoyed yours!

    1. Yes - maybe this is a point to bring to the organisers' attention before next year on if it would be possible to change a blog for the Challenge? That's why it is so good having a reflections post.

  6. Great reflections :) I love that you decided to be a helper to change the part you didn't enjoy rather than just moaning about it ;)

    1. I'm a great believer if you don't like something the way it is then change the way you do things! And I do think this year was better than last - not that I'm saying I was the one to make the difference!! It takes a LOT of help and support to make the Challenge work and I am in awe of the Top Team and what they achieve before and during the Challenge!

  7. What is this 'followers' you speak of??? LOL I love the generosity of the idea but also worry it would be another way of saying Hey These Blogs Stink - Don't Bother. Anyway - congrats on finishing and thank you for helping. This is a huge undertaking.