Friday 27 May 2016

Celebrate #14

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This week I am celebrating:

1) Success on the Nordic Walking front!

I have now set up three small groups catering for different people and everyone taking part is really making progress and enjoying it which is obviously great!  I have those who find that the poles (as well as the comradeship) allow them to walk further than they normally do so increasing their stamina, those that are finding the poles actually help them relieve pain from their knees, those that can get up hills a lot easier and those that are loving the all-over body work out it can give :)
If anyone would like to stop by the Facebook page or blog set up for it and give me a couple of likes or comments I'd be delighted - I'll send you details if you email me at Cheers :)

2) Success in the garden

My hubby and I managed to finish off the other long DIY planter we wanted to make so this week I have been planting them up as well as investing in some more ceramic large pots to re-pot some of the other plants in the courtyard and so tidy it all up a bit more.  I am glad to report I have now almost finished and fingers crossed we have some decent weather this bank holiday and we will get it exactly how we want it by the end of Monday!!

3) Finishing Haven (the TV sci-fi series)

Here in England, I seemed to miss this when it was on TV but caught each box set over the years and really enjoyed the characters and story lines. As we recently changed our cable provider, I was pleased to find the last and final series available until May 31st so have been watching all 26 episodes over the past month.  It was actually really satisfying to have the series draw to a proper ending because too many times a series just seems to get pulled and you never know what happened to the characters!  I won't give anything away as others out there may still not have seen it but to all us sci-fi fans it was rather awesome to have a sci-fi "god" appear as one of the cast members in this final series!!

Have you been watching any great sci-fi series recently?  Did any of your favourite shows end in a really good or bad way?  Whatcha been up to in the garden this week?  Anyone joined any new clubs this month and how's it been going?  Go on, you know I'd love to know :)  Now I'm off to find out what the rest of the crew have been up to!


  1. Nordic walking sounds like something I should do.

    Garden success are always nice. I love to watch my perennials with are now in the process of budding. That's where I'll be this morning...mulching the garden beds.

    1. Yes - perennials are lovely as they come up year after year. I have been planting some annuals to get the bright flowers in the planters immediately but I do prefer perennials :)

  2. I LOVE Haven! Unfortunately the Polish channels that airs it over here bought the first 5 or so years of the series and just kept showing them over and over. I never liked the year they made Audrey into a bad person. I'm glad to hear that if I ever start watching TV again, I'll have something to look forward to. Huge congrats on your Nordic Walking classes! Emailing you now! :)

  3. Congrats on the Nordic walking classes and the gardening! I've seen all of Haven except the last half of season 5. I've been waiting for it to come on Netflix, but they are taking their sweet time getting it. I will probably end up purchasing the entire series just so I can watch it over and over again. It's one of my favorites. Babylon 5 is by far my favorite scifi series. I own the entire series on DVD, so I watch it over and over again as well. I am hoping for some new shows to come out that I might enjoy. Have an enjoyable weekend! ~Lori~

  4. It's great that your Nordic walking classes are going so well! And your garden, too. I'm excited that some of my flowers are finally blooming. I've never heard of Haven. I'll have to go look it up. Have a great weekend!

  5. Great news about your Nordic Walking Classes. My Pilates instructor does those here, but I've never been free to go at the times she offers the classes. Maybe one day...