Monday, 16 May 2016

Currently May

It's been a few months since I joined in with Farley's Currently blog hop
which used to be a favourite of mine particularly when I was a teacher. It was where I met so many interesting other teachers out there due to her "Play by the Rules" so I am sad to learn that she has decided after many years that this month's will be her last and therefore I am joining in this one last time and have to say a BIG thank you to her for her contribution to the world of teaching :)

It is funny how life changes as you pass through it and even though you think you know what you want or need sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way.  There was a time (when I was young) when I thought I would NEVER get married or have children - I just couldn't see myself as "that" type of person but those are the things that have brought me my greatest happiness and now I could never imagine my life without them :)  I was also so sure that after discovering the joy I got from teaching that breaking away from it would eventually mean regret and my return to a part-time basis within a year was surely what would occur!  However, I have found so many other avenues of life to pursue and even better I have TIME to actually enjoy the things around me rather than be in a mad rush all the time so life is working out even better than I had expected.

I hope Farley finds the next stage of her life as enjoyable as she makes changes and wish her all the best and every success.  The secret is probably to roll with the punches and see the goodness to be had whatever the future brings us and remember how very special life is :)

Have you made changes in your life recently?  Is the life you lead now different to the one you thought you'd be living or did things pan out pretty much how you thought?  Go on - leave a comment below and let me know :)


  1. I never thought much about being a widow and now here I am. It is much different than I thought life would be for me at this stage! I enjoyed reading your "currently"!

  2. Thank you, Paula and I know reading your blog that although things can be difficult there are always uplifting moments - particularly when you have such wonderful grandchildren around!