Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wordless Wednesday Cat Puzzle

And After

Cats Sleep Anywhere
or is it
You don't want to look at them - you've got me?

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  1. This post brought such a smile to my face. I love to do puzzles and used to spend time each day working them, that is until I became a feline fur baby mom. Need I say more?

    Have a great day,

    1. Yes I was actually thinking of you when I posted this photo - I just knew you would understand exactly where I was coming from - cats are truly unbelievable!!

  2. Absolutely!! ... why look at a picture when you've got a beauty like me just waiting to be stroked :) He (?) is just gorgeous.

  3. Yes - this is Leo and amazingly I managed to photograph him still with his collar on from having it put on in the morning - it was gone by the time he came in at night - if I had known what he was really like I would have called him Houdini!!

  4. Hi there! I've been enjoying our "comment chats". :)
    Cats are hilarious. They can't help themselves. Is there something new in the house? They need to sit or sleep on it. My cat sleeps on my shoes sometimes. Leo has beautiful markings. He looks like a love. Have a great weekend!
    Laughter and Consistency

  5. Hi Jan. Leo is the most symmetrical cat in his markings I think I have ever met and his tummy fur is pale and spotted which he regularly likes having tickled!!

  6. Hehe, I like this photo. I think someone felt like they were being neglected while you were working on your puzzle. ;-)

  7. Always one for the attention is our Leo!