Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Prompt

Sara is holding her
and this week the word is - High

I've been looking at the others who have already posted and the calibre of some of the poetry this week is amazing - be sure to check them out.

I think partly due to the talent on display I decided not to submit a poem but loads of song titles with the word High in them came flooding back to me so I chose this one to share

I remember loving the TV series Fame when I was young.  I was always messing about on my electronic organ composing songs and indeed going through my "rebellious young teenage years" I tried to make my parents worry by telling them I was thinking of applying to Stage School rather than continue with my normal education.  Of course this didn't phase my mum in the slightest - I remember her telling me to get the forms she would need to sign - that's the problem when you have parents who were rebellious in their youth - you just can't "out rebel" them!!

So which song with the word "High" in the title would you share and why?  Or how did your parents keep you on the straight and narrow? Leave a comment below and let me know :)


  1. I LOVED Fame :) And, this is a great track! I used to dream of living in Fame, I didn't really have a burning desire to go to stage school, I just wanted to live in Fame! Love that you couldn't out rebel your mother, that made me smile :) Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

    1. I knew I'd find another Fame lover out there :)

  2. Ain't no Mountain High Enough!!