Sunday, 9 April 2017

Celebrate #9

Hi Everyone :)  It's time to hop over to Lexa Cain's blog and ...

I think there are several of us also participating in the A-Z Challenge so hopefully no-one minds me posting on a Sunday instead of the Friday.

This week I am celebrating:

1 - Diving into the A-Z Challenge
I really didn't know what was going to happen this year and I certainly thought I'd missed the boat for signing up and let people down for not volunteering to be a minion  (when I'd been one last year) and had no idea of a theme.  But out of the blue I took a look over at their web page and ...
this year - no list and no minions needed!
So I took this as a sign and dived right in and I'm so glad  I did because despite no list I'm finding blogs I am really liking, I'm getting quite a few comments and visits to my blog and most importantly I'm reconnecting with many bloggers who I haven't visited since last year and it's been wonderful catching up :)

2 - Getting into the Garden
We've been having some really nice gardening weather recently and I've been able to use it and get some good weed puling done as well as mow the grass properly for the first time this year.  This year I feel I am likely to reap the reward fro the previous two years of trying to get the garden back from Mother Nature and I've even had some time in the deck-chair - so something worth celebrating I feel :)

3 - Receiving Feedback
Due to more funding bids being put in for me to increase my Nordic walking "taking over the world" initiative - I had to ask for some feedback from those who walk with me - and I was really overcome when reading some of the things they wrote about it. I really didn't know how much it meant and what it has helped them do - so a really lovely outcome and I'm sure their kind words will make a real difference to whether I can get some more funding to spread the walking further!!!

Here's hoping everyone is having a great weekend and if you are doing the A-Z Challenge - well done on completing the first week :)


  1. Well done on deciding to jump into the A to Z Challenge. That's happened to me at least once!

    I'm a little behind on reading my regular blogs, but I'm enjoying the posts I've read so far through the challenge and I'm looking forward to Easter to get all caught up.

    It sounds like your Nordic Walking is going from strength to strength! Well done!

  2. That's great to hear about the Nordic Walking group!
    Good luck with A-Z

  3. Yay for diving into the A-Z Challenge! I'm glad your weather is nice. Ours seems to have shot past Spring and right into Summer. By June, I expect the season to be Hades. Great news about the money for your NW and the wonderful feedback. It's good to be appreciated!