Wednesday, 19 April 2017

P is for Popular People

Popular People Perhaps Practice Perfectionism?
Possibly Perceiving Potential Participants' Problems
so Prohibiting Peer Panel Procurement?

I can't say I was ever a popular pupil with my peers - I was trustworthy - I was helpful - I was kind but these things normally do not lead to winning a place on the popular girls' table.  It seemed to me to be more about how you looked, what you wore and who you had your eye on and those things had to be Perfect!  
Even as a teacher surveying a class it is easy to spot the popular children - the ones others fight to sit next to, to play with, to share with and often it is not those children that a teacher would hold up as models of behaviour but still they hold court and there is little anyone else can do about it.
Were you a Queen Bee or a Superior Male?  If so, what was it like and did you use your powers for good? If you weren't, did you want to be part of the gang or couldn't care less?  Leave a comment below and let me know :)


  1. I was never a popular kid at school. In the beginning, that hurt a lot. But in high school, I made a few friends. Girls who weren't popular either. And together we discovered that we may not be the prettiest or richest girls, but we did have fun together. Today I teach my kids that popularity isn't important. It is more important to be nice.

  2. I think now that I was more popular that I realised at the time.
    Eva - Mail Adventures

  3. Definitely not a popular kid. Oh well, life goes on. Thank goodness we're not in school our entire lives. Maui Jungalow

  4. I was gaining popularity in highschool. Maybe if I was there an additional four years, I would have really earned my place in the hall of fame. I was in acting that's why I'm writing a post on some very great plays I've attended.

    P is for plays

  5. I wasn't popular as a child, then I went through a stage where I was popular, but sad to say with family problems and neighbours who keep themselves to themselves I lead a lonely existence. But what I do have is my laptop and poetry and blogger buddies.
    Loved the post, made excellent reading.

  6. Hi Senco - I definitely wasn't popular - but had a core group of friends ... mostly sport oriented. Now I'm a friendly lass ... or independent - whichever way it happens - happy to get on with life ... cheers Hilary

  7. Nope, definitely not popular...not in school or out of school...not then nor now :)

    Best wishes,

  8. Popular enough in nerd world. Near top of class, editor of school paper- that wielded something back in the day. I'd say I was good. Nothing has haunted me through the years

  9. I was never a popular kid. I think I just stayed under the radar, which was good in a way. Thanks for the visit today :)

  10. I wasn't popular...not by a long stretch. However, the friends I did have were true ones who were supportive and encouraging.

    You had visited my blog and saw a photo of my dog, Cooper, and mentioned that he reminded you of one of your dogs. You wondered if we knew what breed Cooper is. Yes, I do. We had Cooper DNA-tested because he had really high energy and we were wondering what breed(s) he represented. He's a Golden Retriever-mix on his mother's side; and a full-bred German Wirehair Pointer on his father's side. There are other breeds represented on his mother's side, but the Golden Retriever & German Wirehair Pointer are his two main/primary breeds.

  11. In high school I can remember a friend calling me semi-popular. I was on student council and was treasurer of the class so people knew who I was, but I didn't hang around with the jocks or cheerleaders.

  12. We moved a lot for the first years in grade school. When we finally settled, I was in the 4th grade and it took a couple of years to "root". By the 6th grade, I was part of a group of popular girls. We ruled. We didn't do anything bad, I don't think. By freshmen year in HS, we had to re-root and I didn't make the cut. :-) HS was horrible for me.